Saturday, February 04, 2006

Happy Anniversary

Yes.....Feb 4th 2006 is the one year anniversary of this blog. A year ago, I started this blog and thought that I would give in within 3 month. Well, this blog is still going strong after a year. So, what's new for this year??? More quality beers, sakes, shochu, running and surfing!!! I haven't surf for over a year!!!! Itching for some tasty waves....

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Jimmy's Revisited

We checked Jimmy's again couple of days ago. The food didn't meet the standard this time. I ordered a beef stew dinner and the waitress brought me 2 pathetic chunks of beef swimming in "ale soup" with couple of carrots and potatoes. However, Jimmy the man bought us 2 bottles of prized Barleywine. Big Foot from Sierra Nevada and the Old Crustacean from Rogue. I am not a big fan of Rogue but the Old Crustacean is one fine Barleywine not to be missed!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Berkshire Day

I checked out Momofuku last Friday evening and trying to find out what is the buzz about the place. The New York magazine rated this restaurant one of the best in NYC and this is where all the chefs in town go. They are infamously known for using Berkshire pork and sighting of wannabe celebrities. For crying out loud, the Berkshire pork buns run for $8 for two. It is nothing but a rip-off of the Cantonese version of Peking Duck. 2 strips or Berkshire pork belly meat top of with Hoisin sauce, Japanese cucumber and scallion. The ramen that I ordered didn't came out the way I thought it should be. Let's start with the noodle, it is not the yellow ramen but white soba and the soup was really bland. The soup, where's the "umami" flavor of sea kelp or hon-dashi? Momofuku's stock is nothing but dilluted shoyu based water. My order of "Bershire" pork ramen taste nothing like the really deal. It looks like pernil in soy sauce water with noodle and serveral strips of bamboo shoots. The use or abuse of "Berkshire" is unnecessary. I have had ramen that are 10 times better than this place used only the regular domestic pink pig. No need to sell gimmicks such as Berkshire, Allan Benton's Smoky Mountain Country Hams and ingredients from Doug Metzger Farm in Seneca, KS. I mean, do you know and care where is Allan Benton's and how to get to Doug Metzger Farm?? I know I don't. The secret is all in the soup. You still should be able to make a mega nice bowl of ramen with less expensive pork and great stock.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy 2006

Yes, 2006 is finally here! The Mrs. and I sent off 2005 with 60 other friends at a decently hip place called Lantern in Brooklyn Heights. Yes, there are couple of chicas!! The food is really so-so and so is the beer list. But for 3 Andrew Jacksons per head, no complaint. That night I was stuck with Sapporo (The other selections are Singha, Amstel, Heinny, Bud, Coors Light, Kirin and Corona.) and no sighting of the Big Man on Campus, Sam Adams.

Here's my review on:


Appearance: A gooden color of an average German Lager

Small: There is apparently a very light hint of fruitiness. Not a lot of aroma but at least it taste pretty fresh.

Taste: Just another thirst quenching beer. Great on a hot summer day at the beach.

Mouthfeel: Higher in carbonation comparing to it's American cousin "Bud".

Drinkability: It is always drinkable and cheap in Japan.

Definitely not my top choice of beer.

101 MontagueStreet
Brooklyn, NY
718 237 2595

Friday, December 30, 2005

Fuller Pound and Pence

Rocco and I checked out Pound & Pence, a English style pub in downtown formerly occupied by Devine, an overpriced/stuck-up wine bar. The bar has a great selection of Brit brews on taps. The crowd...Wall Street yuppies. I think our group is the only "non-suits". Suit or Non-Suit. The place definitely served up some great tasting or perhaps the freshest line-ups from Fuller. Other than that, the beverage menu looks alright with the exception for listing craps like Coors and Rheingolds in bottle for $4.

Well, without advertisement for this place here my reviews for Fuller's ESB, Fuller's London Pride, Fuller's Porter and my Fuller Crap.

Fuller's ESB

Appearance: A copperish rusty color with decent amount of head that quickly faded after the first sip.

Smell: A rich buttery aroma and yet with a nice hint of caramel apple.

Taste: Truly well balanced with a great Golding hop note. A toffeeish aftertaste; rich but not filling.

Mouthfeel: Moderate body and mild carbonation which is true characteristic of ESB.

Drinkability: I can drink this all day without food.

This is the best beer I have since the Goose Island experience.

Fuller's London Pride

Appearance: An orangy amber color as I point it toward the light

Smell: Not a lot of aroma as the ESB but it does have a light yeasty sweetness to it.

Taste: ahhh...very grainy and not overpowered of maltiness. A very modest beer with great taste.

Mouthfeel: A pretty light body beer with the weight of dark pilners.

Drinkability: Again all beers from Fuller's are extremely drinkable.

This is the flagship beer of Fuller's! Back to the basic, sophistically simple.

Fuller's Porter

Appearance: Nice dark color topped with a light tanned foam.

Smell: Roasty and malty. Big...just the way that a true porter should behave.

Taste: It has great note of Arabica coffee with a light hint of tabacco smoke and a rich finish.

Mouthfeel: Mild carbonation and full body collided with impact that I will never forget.

Drinkability: This is a king of all classic porters. No other porters can top this one.

I finally found a real deal porter and truly understand the concept behind "classic original".

Fuller Crap

This is not a beer but a public advisory. I am here wishing everyone a prosperous year 2006. Drink more beer, sake, whiskey, wine and other libations of choice in the mission to appreciate. Please drink responsibly and drive safe!

Pound & Pence
Liberty StNew York, NY 10005
(212) 233-245155


Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Born Into Brothels

Born Into Brothels is perhaps the best documentary film since Roger & Me. I have always want to check out this film in the theater but the Mrs. Netflixed it 2 months ago. For those who are in the sh*tty mood, this movie is definitely a no go. You will be more p*ssed than ever and eventually depressed. However, it is a great movie for inviting that redhead hoochie you just picked up from a bar and show her your sensitive side after all that wine and dine session at your pad!

The story takes place in modern days Calcutta's red light district where a group of kids each given a 35mm camera to capture the world they see and interpret. The director/producer Zana Briski, a British/American photojournalist who originally planned to shoot the photos of these sex workers has gradually bonded and earned the respect of their kids. "Zana Auntie" became the teacher/mentor or these misfortunated children age range 10-14....alright, I am not going to give the entire movie away. Just Netflix it you cheapo!

One thing I find disturbing in the movie is when a country is embracing a tech boom and new economy, Calcutta or Kolcotta is still a backward slump! The "Ration" office is piled with paper and seemingly chaotc. I also find it disturbing when some folks actually knocked this movie and called the director imperialist. Some critics even go further and drew a comparative conclusion that Zana is a Mother Teresa wannabe. Well, to these nay sayers, y'all can take all the negetivities and shove it where the moon don't shine. The woman is helping these kids achieving the lives they can only dream of. Just put yourself in the shoes of these kids. They are pretty much spending their innocence witnessing their old men pimping the mothers and wondering when will be their turn. What is the future of these kids? Hashheads, pimps, criminals and ho's? What??? Prostitution has been a socio-tradition of Calcutta even before the arrival of the British so why is it a concern of foreign photographer to help these kids? Calcutta not ready to and should not be Westernized?? Bull.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Last week the steering committee of the New York City Homebrewers Guild took place at Jimmy's. I have been to a beer bar formerly known as Brewsky's for 3 years and never check out their partially renovated basement. That because the damn landlord "J" owns the building and so darn lazy or cheap to finish the renovation. Anyway, the place is very impressive. Totally, my kind of place. There are 6 beers on taps and at least couple of dozens in bottles listed on the menu. The menu are designed to pair with beers. The food are rustic Italian; more from the Tuscany or the surrounding region and is quite different from the Italian-American's meatball parms or the Sunday sauce kind of style. Sleazy ordered a muschroom risotto with pancetta, Phil had a bowl of steamed mussels that looks pretty weak and I am in love with the worker's special. The worker's special perhaps varies every week and it is a combo of 1 cold plate. 1 hot plate and 2 pints of beer from either IPA or Pilsner for $20!!!! What a deal for Victory IPA, Sixpoint IPA, a cold antipasto plate with olives, string beans with slices of Italian cold cut and a hot serving portion of lamb stew.

Drop by and high 5 Jimmy for the great job he is doing. Maybe he will buy you a pint of fine brew. He is the short Italian dude in the kitchen.

43 East 7th Street
New York, NY