Thursday, May 19, 2005

Van Ella Stout

After 3 months of speculation, I finally pour myself a pint of that Imperial Van Ella Stout. Well, it did not really churned out the way I expected to.
  1. Not enough vanilla- I can barely taste any hint of vanilla.
  2. Not enough Chocolate B Malt- Not malty at all. In fact, it lacks the density and complexity of a Stout. The stout turned out to be a Porter.
  3. Not enough yeast!!!!!
  4. Not enough time in boiling the wort.
  5. In all this is a very lame ass brew.

"Van" Ella Fitzgerald

I am looking forward to make Lemongrass Ale before the coming of Summer and its heat waves. Just hope that turned out to be okay.


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